My Bucket List

I suppose everyone has bucket list. I’m just starting mine. Here’s a few things I want to accomplish.

My short term goals.

  1. Give my notice at work to go part-time.
  2. Focus more on health related issues for my husband and I.
  3. Start a program to lose this excess weight.
  4. Walk every day outside the perimeters of my yard.
  5. Clean out my barn and tack room.
  6. Get rid of all the miscellaneous horse related tack I don’t use.
  7. Paint the barn and tack room. Inside and out.
  8. Build a hitching post out side of the tack room.
  9. Fit the horses up for extended rides of more than 5 miles.
  10. Take my two grand-daughters on a camping trip with the horses, this summer.

The saying: ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ applies here. I don’t want to put more on myself than I can complete in a realistic time-line. I will attempt to complete all my short term goals by the end of summer.


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