Jewels: Our Weekend Adventure

Last Sunday, I was invited up to a friend’s house to ride. She lives in Whitewright, Texas, about an hour away. On my way, I stopped at Debi Jones Performance Horses in Royse, City. She offered a package deal on riding lessons and wanted to pay for the opportunity. I’m so excited to learn something new. Hopefully, it will keep my mind occupied as well. My head is reeling in a thousand different directions since my husband’s passing. I can’t stay busy enough.

I didn’t stay long at Debi’s place. I needed to get on the road. A lesson arrived while I was there and didn’t want to interfere. On the road again. The drive north was pleasant. I had all sorts of time to think about the future. The uncertainty. You never know how much time we have on this earth. My new motto: Live life as if there was no tomorrow. Be kind, loving and generous towards all people. Never judge them. You don’t know what they might be going through.

I arrived at Karen’s about half past noon. Karen’s daughter had her horse, Koda on the patio. He’s lounging next to the picnic table with his head lowered in ecstasy. Chloe is brushing the dust off his coat. A kind older gentleman, about 25 years of age. The perfect beginner horse. Sorrel in color, standing about 15 hands tall. The only thing he’s excited about, are the plastic container of horse treats next to him. Nothing else seems to bother him. I walked Jewels through the gate to the patio. She was a bit nervous. There are all sorts of things new to look at. She baulked, but eventually walked through.

We said our hello’s and I waited for them to get tacked up. It was a beautiful day. The sun was high above us and it wasn’t to hot. Soon we were ready to ride. None of us were in a great big hurry to get started. We had all day and I didn’t have anyone to go home to. “Sigh” Karen got her horse, Gypsy ready to ride. A lovely BLM mustang she’s had for many years. Gypsy is white in color, standing about 15 hands. She’s nearly as wide as she is tall. Cute, cute, cute!. I could see her pulling a cart. She has such an upright, forward movement, that is splendid to watch when she get’s excited.

A couple of hours later we were ready to take off down the road. There are miles and miles of back country roads. Nothing but beauty and green, as far as the eye can see. There’s no better feeling than sitting astride a beautiful horse and gazing upon “God’s” green earth. Nothing!  We took off down the road behind Karen’s house. There is a bridge that’s a little scarey to cross on horseback, but we did it. The horses snorting all the way across it. After the initial shock of the bridge, there is nothing but a “Dirt Road Anthem” under our feet.

We rode about an hour into the interior of the country. Around the next bend in the road, we saw a bobcat.  And, he was scared at the sight of us coming towards him. We had to take a second look to reassure our eyes, it was indeed, a bobcat. He scampered back into the woods. He was gorgeous! I wished we had our camera’s out so we could have gotten a photo. We rode on past the sighting another 30 minutes or so and headed back towards the house. I was so proud of Jewel’s. She never acted as though she hadn’t been ridden in a month or so. She was calm and collected the whole way out and back.

Back at the house. Karen had beans simmering on the stove. The main course. Burgers off the grill and guacamole and chips for the side. Yum yum! The day was outstanding. I hated to go home. It was getting late and had to get back to the house and feed the rest of my critters. I can’t hardly wait for next time. Happy horsing around!

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One comment on “Jewels: Our Weekend Adventure
  1. liascott says:

    So glad you and Jewels are enjoying life. The little white mustang IS adorable! Good luck with your lessons!

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