Do I need another saddle or bridle? Ummmm no!, but…

I have always had a love affair with horse tack. My tack room is bulging at the sides. I have more tack, than I can possibly use on four horses, but I still want more. Heck, I can only ride one horse at a time, so I really don’t need four horses either. ha ha! Every one needs a back-up, eh? Focus woman! Now then. Every season, vendors bring out their newest designs, and my tongue drips uncontrollably for days. I could be driving that new Nissan 370Z for what I spend on tack every year. Okay, so not really. However, if I’d just stay out of the tack stores, I could definitely afford the monthly payment on that cute little sports car I’ve always wanted.

Not only did I attend the clinic last weekend, but I bought a new rope halter, a 21 foot lead rope and a stick and string to use for the method of training Clinton Anderson uses. I thought what the hell. I have rope halters already, but these have the knots strategically placed for training purposes. I have always been skeptical of changing the way I do things. I figured “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Was I pleasantly surprised at the ease in which this halter and lead rope work. The stick is weighted, easily carried and well-balanced. The string is removable. If you don’t need it to get your horses moving, you can put it around his neck for a drive line. Brilliant!

I picked up a catalog of goodies at the show. It has some really wonderful things to reward myself for a job well done. lol My husband just rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted a “Clinton Anderson Signature Saddle”. You, already have a good saddle, he said. Really? like I didn’t know that. It’s a “McDaniel Custom Saddle”. Extremely well made. There’s a photo of my saddle in the top right hand corner of my blog. It’s nice, huh? But, damn, I’m getting old! That saddle is heavy. Not only is it heavy for me to throw on my horse, it’s 10 years old now. My husband likes my saddle and always wants to use it when we ride. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to let him have it. I’m getting that new saddle! And since I’m getting a new saddle, I want a new headstall and reins too. Why not get a new pad to match? Us women have to coordinate you know.

I estimate by Christmas, I’ll have my horse ready to start intermediate training. I need that saddle! It’s well-balanced and is close contact. It’s light weight and not bad-looking to boot. I better have started saving my money last month. Those saddles are expensive. They cost on the average of about $2,000. The pad about $200 and a headstall with Mecate reins are somewhere in the neighborhood of $200, depending on the style. I reckon they’re fairly priced for good ole American craftsmanship. The saddle is made by “Martin Saddlery”. They have awesome products. You usually see the saddles ridden by big names at futurity shows. Did I say expensive? Never the less, I can see my ass parked between the swells and cantle of a “Clinton Anderson Signature Saddle”.  🙂

Just check out the eye-candy. I personally drooled over all of this last weekend! It’s any wonder they didn’t charge me for a cleaning bill. Enjoy!

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10 comments on “Do I need another saddle or bridle? Ummmm no!, but…
  1. I envy you, it’s been so hot and we’ve been in drought fer 5 years so owning horses is a rich man’s hobby now. Many have had to sell horses because supplemental food has become to expensive. I want done equine friends in a bad way but I know I won’t be able to properly house them.

    • highonhorses says:

      Yes sir, the cost of owning horses are outrageous. The year before last, I thought we were going to have to get rid of ours because of the drought. Hay was out of sight. Unfortunately it still is. Grain is getting more expensive. Veterinary costs have nearly doubled in the last few years too.

      The kick in the pants is: you can’t give horses away these days. Horse prices have plummeted over the past decade. There is absolutely no market for selling a horse, except at a significantly lower price than you possibly paid for one. If your lucky, you may find good homes for them. Truthfully, we’re between a rock and a hard place. There are days we wish we didn’t have horses. Seems to me, in the days to come, horses will be a thing of the past for us as well.

      The economy and the demise of this nation, is going to dictate whether or not we can afford to house them and maintain them in proper health. For now, we are obligated by our love for the horses. For me, it’s a constant battle of the heart. I know, I should give them up at times. However, as long as I take care of my family and the horses, they stay. In the future we may be forced to give them up. Think twice before typing those 3 words, again. “I envy you”

      • Forgive me, I should have known. I was offered a beautiful quarter horse last year for $800 with all tack and saddle included. The owner was desperate to find a good home but I couldn’t accommodate. It would have cost me triple that in the first year just in feed and shots to get him trail ready. But taking the beast would have been inhumane. 😦

      • highonhorses says:

        No, forgive me! We often envy other people, myself included. I can be very blunt and show a lack of emotion while writing down my thoughts at times. I was merely trying to convey a broader view. Like the old saying “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem”. I often dive into things without looking at the larger picture. We didn’t have horses for nearly a decade. Out of the loop, sort of speak. I didn’t do my homework before I purchased a horse in 2009. If I knew then, what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have entered back in to the equine world. Four horses later, we’re just trying to keep our heads above water.

        The hard core reality is; the state of emergency our country is in, will only bring us grief in the end. Common sense, tells me to get out of the horse business. My heart tells me, what will happen to the horses if I do? I can’t stand the thought of them not being properly cared for. Whether or not they’ll have a permanent home with someone who cares, be shipped from sale to sale, only to end up on someones dinner plate overseas. I’m not ignorant to the facts any longer. Horses, like everything else in this country, have become expendable to the masses. That my friend, is reality.

        At times, I wish I didn’t care about their welfare. It would be so much easier to let them go. If each person in the world, would take care of the needs of at least one other person in the world, no one would go hungry. I think this applies to animals as well.

        Cheers, Susan 🙂

  2. Live your dream as long as you can, from what I have read here your horses are dam lucky to by yours. I work out on the Navajo Res. here in AZ, never seen a bunch of skinny horses in my life! I feel sorry for any animal on that Res, dog, horse goat or sheep. But that is their way and is fine and none of my affair, I am a white man and don’t understand their ways.

    I wish I could have a horse, my neighbor lets me muck the horse shit when I want to be around them, one of them “Lizzy” is my friend and comes out to visit me all the time, they graze on my land everyday, she comes to the door and wants a pet and a brush.

    • highonhorses says:

      Yes, sir. I’m lucky to have, them! They are a luxury, I, don’t deserve. Have you ever wondered why people/nationalities in other parts of the world treat animals differently than we do? Are they lacking something? Is it a western thing? I’m going to ponder over it for awhile.

      If you’re ever in Texas, I have 4 stalls that could use a good mucking! lol Your welcome to do so.

      Cheers, Susan

  3. Victor Ho says:

    Horse tack is like cameras. You can always use more gear.

  4. pgillenw says:

    Go for the tack. You can’t take left over money with when the light goes out.

    I have an Old Cowboy friend and you remind me of him in that he can not resist buying tack. He has tack in his tack room that I am sure dates back to the early 30’s.

    I love the smell of tack and horses.

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