Mouse is still doing well…

Mouse 006

Tools of the trade.

The farrier, came out yesterday. Mouse’s hooves have grown significantly, over the last 4 weeks. Enough that, the quarter walls were crumbling, from the nail holes. Good news is, he had grown enough hoof, it could be cut away. It’s not uncommon for the hooves to grow quicker this time of year. It’s getting hotter now, so we’re going to have to do some daily preventative, to moisturize the hooves. A little vegetable oil a couple of times a day does the trick. We pour the oil, into a spray bottle, and apply regularly. I use the colorful, hard shiny bottles, I get from Sally’s Beauty Supply. They seem to hold up better with thicker liquids, and a snap to clean. The spray bottles are, cost efficient, and make it quick and easy coverage.

Mouse 001

Removing the front shoes.

The farrier began taking off the front shoes. He then, looked at the progress. He was definitely going to have to put an other degree on the front. He had changed the angle one degree last time. It was the Doctors first order of recovery, and said next time, add one more degree. The shoe removal was quick. Mouses hooves are a mess. His heels are starting to break down, under the pressure, from the weather conditions. His walls are thin and brittle, from lack of moisture. I was concerned about his heels, and had to ask, ‘is there was anything we can do at this time?’. David said, “this was an easy fix, and we’ll deal with one problem at a time”. Mouse needs to be able to move in a smooth stress free gait. The angle of his hooves, are his first priority of business, and not to worry about his heels. Even though it was really hot yesterday, he took his time measuring, bending the shoes, and getting them properly fitted.

Victory ELITE Aluminum Shoe

Victory ELITE Aluminum Shoe

David had to purchase special aluminum shoes for both projects. Which in fact, cost us, an extra 40 dollars, for each pair. My husband over-paid him 40 dollars last month, because, David didn’t have any change on him.  Thankfully, the cost this time, was only going to be 125 dollars. We were already feeling the high cost of this whole ordeal.The brand of shoes he used were, “Victory ELITE” aluminum. These are real light and easy to bend in to the shape of the hoof. It took very little effort to balance the foot this time. These also, have a nice grip on pavement. Absolutely no slip. Nice!

During the process, Mouse’s personality, was totally different. He was unusually, mischievous and rambunctious. He was moving about, jerking his foot out of the stand, and nipping at the pockets on David’s jeans. Mouse, was a pill. I felt like I, was continuously, having to apologize for his actions. The farrier, wasn’t the least bit annoyed, by Mouse’s naughty antics. He scored his attitude, with the progress he was making. He told us, since Mouse is feeling so much better, his true colors were going to arrive on the scene, little by little. We all got a great big laugh out of it. This pint size pony, use to have the personality of Dr. Jekyll. He’s now become, Mr. Hyde! ha ha! Mouse’s going to have his attitude adjusted, sooner or later. Now’s, just not the time. It made me think of the movie, “Nightmare On Elm Street”. One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you…Three, Four, better shut your door. I, will, come for you later, Mousers.

Mouse 007

Mouse is getting a talking to.

Thank, “God”, for his improvement.

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