Evening ride…

Well, we were back in the saddle again tonight. There was a sweet smelling breeze in the air. The neighborhood flooded with flowers from all the spring rain. It feels so good, to be able to ride without my leg bothering me continuously. The stretching and weight lifting has helped tremendously. An other 65 pounds to go. My Grand daughter on a different horse, Jerzey, was tagging behind. What a funny mare. Bouncing around like a ping pong ball. She hadn’t been out in a while, and we thought she needed to do a little sight seeing. And, sight seeing she did. Looking left and right, snorting, whilst her nostrils were flaring. She walked, side stepping from trash cans and debris piled high on the side of the road.

About this time every month, folks clean out their unwanted lumber, or what ever else they want the city sanitation department to pick up. It’s always a lot of fun for my Grand daughter. She never misses a opportunity to scare the day lights of of Jerzey. As they walk by a sign, Makayla bangs it with her hand. Jerzey jumps in place and always makes us laugh. Okay, so, I know it’s not nice to scare the horses. A kid who’s not frightened to try unusual things, can gentle a horse quicker than an adult. Some of the things she does, I would never even entertain the thought of doing now. ha ha!


Mouse on the other hand. Travels with his head lowered to the ground. Some what like a bloodhound sniffing the scent of a coon. He pricks his ears, and with a keen eye, scopes out his next step. Such a pleasant ride. Meandering down towards the end of the street. We come to the stop sign, and come to a halt. We looked in both directions before crossing the intersection, headed towards the school yard up the way. It’s a pretty nice route to take on a short ride.

We can introduce Jerzey to several things there. With a gleam in her eye, Makayla uses an other opportunity to scare the pants off her horse. (If she had pants on, that is!). Walking along on the sidewalk, she sends her horse over the concrete bridges to the schoolyard. Jerzey is a old pro at those. I broke her of baulking at them long ago. “No fun!” Makayla hollers.


We finally made our way past the front of the building and down the other side. “Wow!” Grandma, I’m going to take her down the sidewalk near the windows. Telling her, she really didn’t need to ride her up near the building. Before I knew it, there they go.


And, since kids do what kids do best. She takes the horse down the steps at the end of the walk. Holy cow! This kid is nuts at times. Thinking to myself, I’d have done that at her age.


I’m never surprised by what she does any more. Turning toward home, we chill back in the saddle and it was smooth sailing from there on. Can I say, we love to ride?

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