Well, it’s Monday morning and I’m Still…

blogging about Saturday. The farriers been gone for a while. The day is a lot cooler than we anticipated it might be. Gathering up the horses from the pasture, we decided we were going to ride later in the day. It being a sort of lazy afternoon, we weren’t in much of a hurry to get saddled up. Bathing the horses was the first thing on our agenda. They always appreciate getting their backs scrubbed. Dust baths are their usual bathing procedure. They really love to roll around in the dirt. And, yes, I’m aware this helps keep the flies off, but I like them to look a bit more polished after a bath. After all, we can, apply fly spray afterwards. “Pyranha” is our choice of fly protectent. We use many different products depending on the nature of their coat condition.  My favorite is “Cowboy Magic“. I’ve used most of their products at one time or another. The “Detangler & Shine™” is so easy to use and leaves the mane and tail feeling smooth and silky. It detangles a mane and tail like nobodies business. Now, then, there’s the “Rosewater Shampoo”. This stuff is superb on any level. I even use it on my own hair at times. Last, but not least, is the “Rosewater Conditioner”. Using this leaves the entire surface of the horse feeling, like satin is, to the touch. Like they say in Spanish…”Magnifico”!

Saturday Afternoon Ride 008 Enough of plugging the products. lol “On with the show”! We tied our horses to the hitching tree. Yes, tree…You’d think as long as we’ve had horses around here, we’d have put up a hitching post already. Okay, so, this sounds unacceptable, but there’s not a whole lot of things to tie to around here with-in the perimeters of the paddock area. My husband has this need to rearrange things on a daily basis, so, nothings permanent. As, if, we don’t have so many things he could do to the inside of the house. That’s a whole other blog and it could take weeks, or, hey, even months to write a blog of that magnitude. Back to my point!  We have portable panels around most of the area around the barn. They’re not safe to tie to. I do have a cross-tie in the alley of the barn, but in the summer time it’s smoldering hot in there.  The fan we have only blows around a lot of hot air. Saturday Afternoon Ride 003It’s so much nicer outside under the tree. Makayla gets busy lathering up Jerzey. She loves her bath. Backing up to the scrubbing curry so her hind end doesn’t get missed. “don’t forget my chest”, it feels so good! Always wanting to play with the nozzle. She’ll drink from it like sucking through a straw. We always get a kick out of watching this funny little girl. Saturday Afternoon Ride 004

Looking for another horse. I replied to an ad on “Equine.com”. The photo of her was very nice to look at. Arriving to our destination. The man greeting us was very nice. He had about a 10 acre place. None of the horses took my breath away. The one I inquired about on the phone, wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I saw her in the flesh. She looked poorly kept and her feet looked as though she hadn’t been trimmed in a month of Sundays. I almost walked away. He began to start talking about her personality and how charming she was to handle on the ground. I asked why he was selling her. He replied “she didn’t fit into my program any longer”. He was a calf roper. I could see why she wasn’t his cup of tea. She is royally bred. Her sire is “Jacks Are Lucky Too”. An own son of the legendary “Zippo Pine Bar”.

I felt the need to further hear him out. He began telling me she hadn’t been ridden but once in 3 years. Just a week before I’d come out to look at her. I was quite surprised. I’m like, well, does she still remember anything she was taught? Then, she was only 5 1/2 years old. He said ” Yup, I saddled her up and she rode off quietly”. Saddle her up, “I said”.  He replied “want me to lunge her down?’. I said “nope” if she bucks me off, may I get up without any broken limbs and you can keep her. If she rides quiet on a loose rein, I’ll take her. Amazed by her way of going. Low headed, smooth reach and drive, and the sweetest daisy clipping trot I’ve ever experienced. Sold! I put half down. He wrote me out a hand written contract, the remainder due. I picked her up the next weekend. The love affair began that day. Saturday Afternoon Ride 001

Enough of Jerzey. Our afternoon was a slow and easy groove. Makayla finished up bathing her mount for the day. Washing her mane, tail and scrubbing the chrome squeaky clean. Then she left her to dry. Moving on to the next ride. I washed Jewels. She was much better this go around. The previous episode must have taught her something. She stood perfectly still, currying her off, rinsing the dirt off and applying shampoo. I washed her up, rinsed her off and left her to dry as well. I love this horse! We saddled both horses and let them stand tied for a while. Saturday Afternoon Ride 009

None of us were in such a hurry. Ron decided to cook dinner on the grill before we left. He prepared the grill for cooking. Fixin’ up chicken to throw on a grill is quick and easy. Makayla wrapped the potatoes in foil, I made a salad, then patiently waited for dinner to be served. Yummy After dinner all of us (and Ron hates this phrase!) were “as full as a tick”. We had to set back and think about whether we were going to actually ride after the meal. Oh, but yes, we are! We hadn’t come so far, as to, turn back now. We mounted up and headed out for an other rural ride adventure.

Saturday Afternoon Ride 016

The area we live in has turned in to quite an ethnic diversity. Having lived in the same house, seems like forever. We’ve seen it change dramatically over the past 2 decades. A lot of Hispanic in our neighborhoods now. And, don’t go thinking I’m prejudice or nothing! Please…The culture has a rich history in this state. “TEXAS It’s A Whole Other Country”

It seems as though every house in the neighborhood these days has a horse in the backyard. If it weren’t for the Hispanics, the equine industry around here, would’ve died a slow death. I can really appreciate a good horseman, no matter what their ethnic group is. The “Vaquero Cowboys” have an uncanny knack, in showing their horses ability and athleticism. Teaching them to dance, spin around at the speed of light and stop on a real thin dime. Quite spectacular to watch. Enough said about that.

On with the ride…While riding up and down the black top roads. Jewel perks her ears, lowers her head and sets a ground covering walk. Looking from side to side, she is not bothered by any of the surroundings. Until now. We come up on a land shark, “I call them”. Her demeanor changes slightly, drops her head and checks out the nasty lil’ bugger. Saturday Afternoon Ride 019She shifts in to the next gear, swaying back and forth, then jumps on the monster. Whew! That thing weren’t so scary after all. Now, there were about 3 more of those sharks along the way. She took each of them easier, one after the other. On to the next thing. Nearing the end of the road. We encountered a hole filled with water next to a curb. Since it was inline with the direction we were heading in, she had to walk through it. Okay, so, not really. But, my Grand daughter, as comical as she thinks it is when the horses don’t want to do something, coaxed Jewels to walk through anyway. “Laughing hysterically” I looked on, all the while she was trying to step off the curb. I finally had to give her a few problem solving tips. Then, all of a sudden, Jewels leaped in the air and over the water hole. ha ha! The look on my Grand daughters face. To bad, I didn’t have my camera ready to get the expression of her face. Saturday Afternoon Ride 022 Saturday Afternoon Ride 023 She tried it again with little resistance. It was getting late, and we needed to start heading back to the house. As we neared the end of the road. I got my camera out and took this shot of my beautiful girls. Saturday Afternoon Ride 024

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2 comments on “Well, it’s Monday morning and I’m Still…
  1. Meg says:

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To accept it, see my recent blog post and follow the instructions at the bottom of the post. x

  2. highonhorses says:

    I appreciate the nomination. It sure has been a great way for me to become familiar with other bloggers. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’ll be exploring, reading and getting my questions together for the next nominees. Thank you very much. Susan

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